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Thread: Free Downloadable Organ Sheet Music for "Manuals Only"

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    Free Downloadable Organ Sheet Music for "Manuals Only"

    Hi everbody.</P>

    As I mentioned earlier, I want to play organ music with a digital piano (with organ voice). One of the members told me to find organsheets for manuals only. Is there anywhere on the web, where I can download <FONT color=#ff0000>free</FONT> organ sheet music for<FONT color=#ff0000> manuals only</FONT>? </P>

    I'd be so thankful if you help me. </P>

    Thanks in advance.</P>

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    Re: Free Downloadable Organ Sheet Music for "Manuals Only"

    Here's one: </p></p>

    Franck wrote many pieces for single keyboard without pedals. You will find even more at this website under other names:</p></p></p>

    Anything written for piano can be adapted to single keyboard organ. Just leave out a couple of the inner notes if there are more than you have fingers to play using an organ style (legato).</p>

    Hope that helps.</p>




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