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Thread: Moller Opus Numbers

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    Moller Opus Numbers

    Does anyone know the name of the web site that has posted the Moller Organ Company Opus numbers and install locations?

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    Re: Moller Opus Numbers

    Try asking Sand Lawn. He had most of them on diskette. He co-authored the Skinner / Aeolian-Skinner Opus List Booklet with Allen Kinzey. Try finding an email address for <U>Sand Lawn</U> on the Google search engine and send him a mail asking him where you can find the Moller opus list.

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    Re: Moller Opus Numbers

    Thanks for the tip...

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    Re: Moller Opus Numbers

    Most of the Moller records are with the Organ Historical Society. Your best bet would be to contact the archivist. AFAIK there is no definitive published opus list apart from whatever list the firm kept in its own records. I would defer to the archvist for any offical information, but one would expect that Moller list will at some point be a part of their ongoing catalog work.

    While by no means complete, the OHS does have an impressive database which can be searched here. A quick search turned up 645 hits for Moller.


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