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Thread: Gert van Hoef ... vs ... Cameron Carpenter

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    Excellent thoughts, Arthur. Thanks for your observations. I've come to pretty nearly the same conclusions about both these guys. I only wish I could gain a small fraction of the skill and energy that these youngsters bring to the bench!
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    When Gert plays, it is about the music and when he has those wonderful pipe organs at his disposal it helps making good music easier.
    When Cameron plays, it is mostly about Cameron such as (look what I can do), and the digitals he plays also do not help getting the music out.
    The extreme ends of the musical spectrum between these two performers is far greater than the old comparisons between Fox vs Biggs, whose recitals we have attended during 70s 80s
    I would place Gert musically somewhere between Fox-Biggs. Cameron is out in the wild blue yonder musically speaking, with his speed and skills, all on extremes, the pipe organ is no longer usable since the pipes cant speak fast enough for the sounds to be an intelligible coherent effort at music making.
    But there is room for any kind of performer in this world, to each his or her own. Just keep making music, there is always someone willing to listen and maybe even pay for it.

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    I have been following Gert since he was about 11 years old on Youtube and he is a fine player if a little academic. I find his performances enjoyable but not especially exciting. I can't compare him to Cameron Carpenter though. No matter what you think of his style and views Cameron is supernally gifted in a way not many musicians are.He has a brain like a computer. I think Gert's ability comes from hard work and enthusiasm but Cameron's comes from God: just my opinion!

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