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Thread: oil for M3

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    oil for M3

    hello i am a new proud owner of a M3 and was wondering if there is a suitable substatue for the hammond oil, ie: fine air tool oil (petroleum based)?
    thank you in advance,
    matt / fooldancing

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    Re: oil for M3

    Don't use anything but genuine Hammond oil. It's still available. You can find it

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    Re: oil for M3

    thank you i called a hammond repar shop in pittsburgh, Pa and that is what he told me as well.
    the organ i have was given to me and the last record i have of it being oiled was in 1983. it took quite a bit of oil but i finally got it quieted down to were it needs (just a bairly audible purr) to be and it runs perfectly. lucked out i guess none of the bearings are making a noise now (fhewww).
    thanks again

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    Re: oil for M3

    I got my oil, parts and manuals from Organ Service Company, Inc</p>

    they were great to deal with.</p>


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    Re: oil for M3

    Well, if there is no Hammond Oil avalible, you can use a light sewing machine oil. I have used it for my C3 in Poland for 20 years. It still works fine. </p>


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    Re: oil for M3

    I know it's controversial, but I too am a fan of sewing machine oil simply because it's easier to buy. I've also heard numerous times that there's nothing actually special about Hammond oil - it's just a brand name used for marketing purposes.</p>


    I also ignore the advice of Toyota when they advise to only use genuine Toyota parts - and I've never had to replace a part that I've already replaced with a non-genuine part. I realise my logic is flawed because my sample pool is different between parts which are original and parts which have already been replaced, but what the hey, my car works fine and so does my Hammond!

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    Re: oil for M3

    If it were genuinely not available or were difficult to buy, then maybe an alternative would be acceptable, providing you researched its contents and made sure that is is suitable. BUT, it is available and it is easy to buy, so buy some!</P>

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    Re: oil for M3

    [quote user="andyg"]

    , providing you researched its contents and made sure that is is suitable. BUT, it is available and it is easy to buy, so buy some!</P>



    G'day all,</P>

    Andy's right - it's also my understanding that sewing machine oil has parrafin in it which over timecan gunge up the TG. Bail's, all you need to do is call up the boys at Metro Organs in Glenhuntly - they stock bucket loads of Hammond oil, it's not expensive and they'll post it to you - EASY! I usually buy 6 years supply at a time - makes the post &amp; pack cost cheap and you always have some on hand.</P>



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