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Thread: Women Organists

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    Sweet Pete
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    Trudy Pitts,Barbara Dennerlien,Linda Dachtyl,are all superb jazz musicians.They kick the snot out of the flat 25 note pedal boards as well.
    Two of the best bassists I've worked with over the last 40 plus years are women.Off topic.....but my many gigs with Kathi Mcdonald on vocals
    with John Baldry are forever cherished.Women are so great to work with,where would music be without them?

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    Sweet Pete
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    Also off topic,but Kathi has succumbed to cancer and has passed away.One less great R&B vocalist down here,the choir upstairs just got a gem of a singer and a great lady.

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    It seems to me that most parish organists are female, and many are mediocre. I think this isn't really a gender-related trait. The fact is that with so few men involved with churches these days, women are taking up the slack. The women I have met have been mostly pianists who figured that playing organ wouldn't be too different to playing piano and in many cases the lack of a proper legato technique for organ shows itself all too readily.

    At the same time, the few "professional organists" I have met have been all men. Again I don't think that this is a gender-related issue, but I see that all the best organists (all the best church musicians for that matter) tend to gravitate to places which take liturgical music seriously enough to pay at least the person who co-ordinates the music.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wombat11 View Post
    I have been to many concerts(in the UK)given by women organists(both pipe and electronic).

    They have been superb,and I really think gender has little to do with musical ability.

    It has been,traditionally,yet another `male dominated` activity,but,as in many contemporary areas,the ladies are showing that they can do the job just as well!

    Probably one of the most universally famous organists was Ethel Smith-she `paved the way` where others are now following!

    It`s the same with all things that are perceived as being a `little out of the[8-|] norm`` -eventually,the wider public become to accept them.


    Remove the knowledge of what gender we are listening to and a whole new dynamic may or may not appear. If music was played with anonimity, our perception of music would elevate to new heights. As a fan of organ rather than 'organist' and a lover of music rather than 'style, type, brand, or reputation, the quality of what we could hear - and experience - without a name or face involved would rock our world. I don't care if a female or male or transexual is playing... and even if it's the only song they know, so long as it takes my breath away on some level. Wouldn't it be great if it was just about the music - one piece at a time, instead of who.. on what... and how often?

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    Church Organists in Dallas are of both sexes. The ones at my church (2 during my 33 years there) have both been female, but there are lots of males out there, too. I don't know how their remuneration compares, but I'd hope it was commensurate with ability, not sex. Our current Organist is female and the wife of our male Music Director. We hired him first, and she was hired later when our other Organist retired--it was not a package deal. Both persons do a fine job and we are very happy with them.


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    Yes, true, many church organists/pianists are male. Actually, my organ teacher (which is also a church organists/pianist) is actually a woman, and personally, i think i have seen women be just as good as men, if not better. It is kinda rare to see a woman organists, but when you do, their usually very good. But thats just what i have seen.

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