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Thread: 122 vs 147

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    122 vs 147

    <SPAN class=postbody>Hi,
    Being a newbie to this forum I'd have
    a question that maybe has already been answered.. </SPAN></P>

    <SPAN class=postbody>Is there a high frequency response difference
    between a 122 vs 147 leslie cabinet (plugged to a B3)?
    An Hammond technician wrote somewhere on the internet
    that a 122 couldn't have as much high freq. a 147 would
    because of circuitry design of the 122's amplifier
    compared to the 147's ..

    122 = Mellow/Blues sound 147 = High end Rock sound </SPAN></P>

    <SPAN class=postbody>I own a B3/122 combo.
    All the B3's generator/vibrato line caps have been replaced
    with the Goff retrofit kits.
    Big difference in high frequency end.,
    But with the far right drawbars pulled all the way out
    I cannot reach the 'brightness' of what the B3 could
    generate (like in Deep Purple's HUSH sound
    or the Santana 70's hammond sound).
    Your opinion would be very appreciated.
    Jean-Pierre Desrochers
    Quebec, Canada</SPAN></P>

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    Re: 122 vs 147

    Before everyone gets into the tone differences of the two types and balanced and unbalanced signals let me offer a suggestion supported by the satisfaction I have with my setup. Avoid the Leslie amp all together. Note that I am not suggesting that you avoid using a Leslie. Rather, I am suggesting that you use a Leslie that is powered alternatively. I, personally, use a 22H type of Leslie powered by an Orange head. The advantages that I've experienced include: more volume, greater overdrive options and (in response to your concern) EQ control. Ultimately I plan on picking up an Ampeg B25B head due to the tube setup (they use 6550s and 12AU7s, just like the Leslie amps and are much less expensive) but the Orange was available (I'm also a guitar player) and, nonetheless, sounds great.</P>

    There are also companies that make EQs that mounton the organ itself, which could also assist you with your concern.</P>

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    Re: 122 vs 147

    As for tone differences you might hear in recordings, remember this; From the time a recording is acoustically Mic'd to the time you play it on your stereo, it is mixed and pumped full of tweaks.
    Don't believe everything you hear is real.

    Also, I agree with the above post about external amplification. I have a few DVD's with Jon Lord at his C3, and on a few shots, you can see a marshall head sitting ontop his dual 147's.

    ~1936 Hammond AV - Leslie 122 & PR40~ ~1954 Wurlitzer ElectroStatic 4602 - Leslie 125~

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    Re: 122 vs 147

    Here is what I read before my question:</P>

    ...... However, the 147's unbalanced design makes it a great universal model Leslie
    for use on almost any type of organ or keyboard. The 147 has an inherently
    brighter and harsher sound when compared to the 122 due to a very different
    amplifier internal design. The 122 and 147 are actually identical except for
    the amplifier. A 147 can be converted to a 122 by simply removing the
    amplifier and sliding in a 122 amp. Remember, they are mechanically similar,
    but acoustically very different! </P>

    You can read the complete article here:</P></P>

    Thanks again everybody!</P>

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    Digging in the 122 schematic...

    <SPAN class=postbody>For any online tech or engineer,
    Here is what I found digging in the 122 schematic...</SPAN></P>

    <SPAN class=postbody>When the 122's input volume is maximum,
    Both 10k input resistors (amphenol pins 1,6),
    and the .001uf cap between pins 2 &amp; 7 of
    V2 12au7 input tube form a lowpass filter
    attenuating high freq. around 5khz down
    to 30-50% !!
    That's what could explain the lack of high end freq.
    compared to the 147.</SPAN></P>

    <SPAN class=postbody>Correct me if I'm wrong..
    Jean-Pierre Desrochers</SPAN></P>

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