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Thread: organ bench _with_ back support?

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    organ bench _with_ back support?

    Does it exist? I use an expensive office chair for my piano and really enjoy the back support.

    Anything for organs?

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    Re: organ bench _with_ back support?

    We offer backrests for our organ benches, and most of the suppliers do also. I don't see them very often but they are available.

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    Re: organ bench _with_ back support?

    Hi there,

    I've seen some organs with a back support, and they are nice not to mention good, or at the very least, betterfor your back. Unfortunately, the ones I've seen with this sort of thing are few and far between, but I don't see why a manufacturer can't justmake one for an already existing organ.

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    Re: organ bench _with_ back support?

    Several churches here have them.

    I tend not to lean back very often - if there is a long lull in the action I tend to go somewhere else! []

    I find the backrest most handy - oddly enough - for helping myself on & off the bench.

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    Re: organ bench _with_ back support?

    My first organ had a bench with a backrest and it was nice to be able to lean back for a moment during a service. My teacher has some major back issues and finds it a necessity to help support him through a long Sunday morning.

    My only problem now is playing at organs without the backrest. Out of habit I go to lean back and WHOOPS!

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    Re: organ bench _with_ back support?

    Our church has one and I don't know what I'd do without it. Of course ... it's almost a requirement as leaning/falling back without a backrest would mean you are leaning/falling on the stained glass windows :O)

    It is so nice during the sermon to be able to lean back and be relatively comfortable. At least as comfortable as you can be sitting on a hard piece of wood for an hour and a half.


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