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Thread: Hammonds of note on Ebay:

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    Re: Hammonds of note on Ebay:

    I just bought this one and I'm getting it tomorrow. Hope I didn't do too badly. I'm new to these.</P></P>

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    Re: Hammonds of note on Ebay:

    I just won this one a couple of days ago and I pick it up tomorrow. I hope I did good as I'm new to these.</P></P>

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    Re: Hammonds of note on Ebay:

    ...when you pick it up:

    1. make sure its unplugged... plug it in yourself...and start it up... if you don't know how do a search in the hammond section...2 starts the generator rotating..the other keeps it in motion.... hold the start switch for about 6 seconds THEN engage the run switch.

    If it does not start up you'll have to have some work done so negotiate the price down to take care of that. I presume it would operate just fine but one never knows...Hammonds just need lots of TLC to keep them going...

    good luck! That is a sweet setup btw...I have a CV and 147 and sound samples at

    good luck and ask any questions in the Hammond section..welcome aboard!

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    Re: Hammonds of note on Ebay:

    I e-mailed the guy with the novachord telling him what he really had, and its rarity.

    Gotta keep whats left of these things around for those who can restore them.

    ~1936 Hammond AV - Leslie 122 & PR40~ ~1954 Wurlitzer ElectroStatic 4602 - Leslie 125~

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    Re: Hammonds of note on Ebay:

    this one just came up today:

    a nice C2 & Leslie 122 in Georgia:

    A C2/122 combination is a dreamy sounding organ... I've got a CV/147 which would be very similar, I highly recommend the C2/122 if anyone is looking for a outstanding Hammond / Leslie combination at a reasonable price.

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    Re: Hammonds of note on Ebay:

    interesting sale on ebay in California:

    appears to be a B3 but who knows.

    300 bucks buys it now. who knows, it might even come with a Leslie

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    Re: Hammonds of note on Ebay:

    Well, the picture is from some old Hammond ad or flyer, maybe lifted from some other Ebay item.[:$]</P>

    but the real thing might not even be a four-poster! At 50+ years it could be any B. The speakerless speaker cabinet sounds more like a stripped JR20/40. Just guesses[*-)]</P>


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    Re: Hammonds of note on Ebay:

    concert model D152: (D152 has self contained PR40 tone cabinet speakers inside the console)


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    Re: Hammonds of note on Ebay:

    CV (missing a music stand &amp; folding keyboard cover),* in Springfield, Illinois:<DIV><BR class="khtml-block-placeholder"></DIV><DIV><BR class="khtml-block-placeholder"></DIV><DIV>can't get the html to post but here it is:</DIV><DIV><BR class="khtml-block-placeholder"></DIV><DIV> rdZ1QQcmdZViewItem</DIV>

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    Re: Hammonds of note on Ebay:

    Aw, man. $199 buy it now price! Life isn't fair. And it's my favorite model.

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