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Thread: Hammond Tone Cabinet Reverb Drive Transformers

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2Tracker View Post comparison, I believe the “standard” Fender approach is to use a 12AX7 with linked plates to drive the reverb. Just on paper, I’m thinking this is a lot more gain than a 6SN7 in similar configuration, but if the Hammond preamp is already providing a higher gain….

    I’m trying to puzzle out what would be best in a +4 dBm studio environment, and whether or not the 6SN7 will provide sufficient gain to drive the reverb. I could add a gain control, but I’m thinking it’s not best to place this in front of the first gain stage (in this case, the 6SN7 or 12AX7) for noise considerations….
    Fender uses a 12AT7 with the triodes in parallel (plates, grids, and cathodes), driving a transformer. The Fender transformer drives a tank with an input impedance of "8 to 10 Ohms" (DC resistance of .8 to 1.3 Ohms).

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    Hey Folks!

    Wanted to thank you--especially David Anderson--for the input on this project. I wanted to share a photo of the completed unit; going to drop it off at its intended home soon and then fill the oil tubes.

    Circuitwise, the best route was, not surprisingly, to follow Hammond's schematic closely, just using parts on hand and making small changes as needed.

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