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Thread: Baldwin Orgasonic Help

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    Baldwin Orgasonic Help

    My grandmama passed on and left me her Baldwin and we are having problems getting it to work and wonder if someone give me some advise. It is a Baldin Orgasonic Model #77..extremely old but in mint condition. It is electric and it will turn on and I can hear the motor but nothing comes out when keys are pressed. My mom use to say Grandmama use to "blow it out" (was the expression she used) but my mom never really paid much attention to what was done and now Grandmama is gone and mom is gone and I have this baldwin that I just cant bear to part with and all the local dealers I call do not do anything with Baldwins. Whatever you can tell me would be greatly appreciated? Does anyone know what could be wrong with it.

    Thanks & May God Bless you all....

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    Re: Baldwin Orgasonic Help

    Hi Dee-Dee

    Thanks for your email. I'll answer it here in case it helps others too.

    Glad to hear in your email that after a couple of days being left switched on, that it's now making some sounds.

    The model 77 dates from 1967. It's a transistor model, no tubes, and the electronics inside will be pretty basic. Nothing high tech at all. The motor you can hear is the rotary speaker going round. They call it 'Theatrical Tremolo' on the 77. Apart from that I can't tell you much. I've not seen a 77 close up but I have played the model 91, which sort of replaced the 77 and it sounded pretty good at the time. That was back in 1971, when the organ was new.

    If the only problems are just a few odd missing notes, it might need no more than a little bit of TLC, a service and a clean up inside. Anything more than that might cost more than the organ is worth. Play it a little, see if those notes come back to life.

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