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Thread: Leslie Amp Identify Help

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    Question Leslie Amp Identify Help

    Hey all, I'm new here and starting to get into vintage amps for guitar and keys, Keeping in mind the legendary nature of Leslie, it's a fun fit for me to use for church, get that old classic soul sound. I recently stumbled upon a old leslie on craigslist and really want to buy it but the owner does not know the model number and i can't find info that matches on the web. it's only 26" tall and here is the listing from the seller. Any help would be appreciated including if I'm walking into a rip off!

    Thanks a bunch


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    Curious to find out
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    Looks like someone built it.

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    Junior Member Bob Pierce's Avatar
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    Inspired by Leslie model 860, I'd say - but agreed, that has "homebrew" written all over it! $500 is, as a result, way out of line IMO.

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    Agreed. This is not a Leslie anything. It is a bunch of Leslie parts and a Leslie badge in/on a homebrew chassis. The lower rotor is probably out of an old organ.

    If it worked perfectly and sounded good, I'd go $150 on it though.


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    Thanks all, It does sound nice, but i feared the same thing, now i feel like an idiot looking for the model number online for hours! shouldv'e come to you pros!


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    This may be the internals from a self contained Hammond built in the mid to late 80's.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Wes View Post
    If it worked perfectly and sounded good, I'd go $150 on it though.
    Good point Wes. If this was done right it could provide a very nice Leslie sound in a portable config. Nothing wrong with homebrew after all! It's just unrealistic if he thinks it's worth $500 as is - I've seen genuine Leslie 330s go for less than that (a lot less.) So $150 sounds about right, maybe $175 if it checks out and seems to be put together well.

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    Hi DavePut, welcome to the forum. One other thing to consider, is that this won't sound exactly like the classic Leslie sound for church. You mentioned that you are interested in it for guitar and organ. The CL Leslie has a styrofoam rotor, and will switch to fast/slow much faster than a wooden rotor. Some wooden rotors can take 30 seconds to coast to a stop (with no brake). The Leslie 16/18 (Fender Vibratone) had foam rotors, so that may be desireable for a guitar. It may be less desirable for organ, even though as mentioned, many internal Leslies inside organs had small foam rotors.

    I can't tell from the pic (looking at it on my phone), is whether or not it is 2-speed or single speed. Most wooden rotor Leslies have a 15" speaker, most foam rotors have a 10" or 12".

    Nothing wrong with homebrew, many good homebrewers can improve on a product. As mentioned, this just looks like an assembleage of parts. I can't see the amp, can't guess on that. Homebrew items are much better if they are documented, or have wiring diagrams/schematics. The next repair guy to cross it's path along may be cussing you. The main thing is if you like how it sounds, but $500 seems pretty high.

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    won't get much deep bass, what amp (don't see one)lots of small wood rotor Leslies (25, 125 AND SPINETS) foam ramp not too bad as new Leslies use foam, faster ramp but not irritating to my ear, lots of small and large foam rotors, it may be decent but $100-150 maybe as looks like salvaged parts
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