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    Re: Baldwin Cinema II Organ for Sale

    I think the use of the terms "gouging" and "ripping off" are a little too strong here. It may well be that the asking price of this instrument is way too high, but in all fairness to the lister, it is very difficult to determine the value of any organ over a few years old and Internet searches oftimes return widely varying results.

    As the lister may not have the advantage of being a "long term dealer owner of a high volume organ store", let's give the poster the benefit of the doubt and assume that the asking price was arrived at in good faith. After all it's the asking price OBO.

    Discussion of prices is welcome in these forums, but let's try to do it without unnecessarily impugning someone's integrity.

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    Re: Baldwin Cinema II Organ for Sale

    I agree with all the posts on this price, I have one of these instruments and paid just 0 dollars for it, just take it away. The organ in question required quite a few hours of my time (I am an electronics tech) and not so much in the way of parts. The person who had tried to repair it before me had no idea what he/she was doing, I have found that quite often in this game (40 years). To think that all these fine organs are simply dumped as would have been the case with this one had I not been there. The asking price of $3500 US is dead wrong especially as it was a donation. Hopefully sanity will reign in the end. The Cinema II was made in 1974. All tone generators, voicing, amplifers are carried out with descrete components except for the auto percusion. So repairing is worthwhile as no in house IC's are used which arn't available at a reasonable cost. The organ sound is similar to pipe but not as good as the new digital.
    I hope it finds a good home and the price under $500 Yank, for really thats all its worth. Hope the seller takes note of these posts.

    Regards Bob Scott

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    Baldwin Cinema ii

    After reading the threads, am I correct to assume that Baldwin cinema ii has no monetary value? I was given one by a family member and I have since thought of trying to sell it seeing as how I don't know anything about them. But it seems that may be a hard thing to do. Would I be better off donating it to a small church? Any thoughts or comments would be greatly appreciated.


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    The Cinema is a fine organ in skilled hands. Monetary value is lessened these days by the aging electronic parts that require the owner to be a hobbyist doing their own repairs or have deep pockets for a qualified tech. Oddly, many churches are retiring their organs today so it can be difficult to locate a church that would be looking for such a donation.

    My favorite way to check out organs these days is Craigslist since you are targeting the area in which the buyer can most easily arrange pick up. Transportation for long distance moves is becoming a great handicap for hobbyist that are searching for a favorite model outside their location. It is possible to be looking at $1000 for an out of state relocation.

    If you decide to list the organ I'd suggest a starting price of $150 if you want fast response.

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