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Thread: Re: Are new types of pipe stops/ranks invented anymore?

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    Oh, NO -- they had celestes in baroque Germany? I hope Bach never played any. Today's purists wouldn't like it!

    New organ ranks.... how about those invented ad-hoc?
    Is there still a Flute d'Arvella at the former Crystal Cathedral?

    Maybe a list of seemingly unique stops would be fun, like the Quintadena Celeste no longer at Crescent Ave. Presby in NJ.

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    A few years ago I played a 3 manual Moller that had direct electric action and also had a controller added that allowed you to do interesting things through software. I had the technician create a new solo diapason stop by having all of the principals, diapasons, geigens, play at 8' pitch. This included the pedal 16' principal, great diapasons at 8' and 4', Swell Geigens at 8' and 4'. I don't recall if we added the Gemshorn from the choir, but it was a really nice solo stop.

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