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Thread: Questions on Roland D-110 sound module

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    Questions on Roland D-110 sound module

    Hello everyone

    Could anyone please tell me which memory card I need to save my theatre style voices onto from my D110, is this some sort of retro fit card or is this specific to the Roland D110?
    Also is it possible to buy more preset memory cards which will expand my voice collection?
    Could anyone also tell me how old this unit is + when it was made?
    I know these sound like stupid questions as I do own one, but I cant find my instructions.
    Any answers would be greatly appreciated.


    Rich the Farmerboy

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    Re: Questions on Roland D-110 sound module

    Do you want the instruction manual? I use several 110's on mine. Some really beautiful sounds. Also those TO sounds by Valhalla.

    NOTE: Be sure to change the lithium battery inside. Wait a minute. Ill go downstairs and get a card. Ok, one is a Roland 256k memory card and the other a 512k.

    Also if the display is bad or dim that can be replaced.



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    Re: Questions on Roland D-110 sound module

    In response to part of your question, there is a memory module on E-bay of the type you are referring to. In case you are interested, the link is:


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