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Thread: Lowrey SU-500 Royale Cherry

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    Lowrey SU-500 Royale Cherry

    I am the executor of an estate. This organ is part of the estate. It is a beautiful instrument. Perfect condition as far as I can tell. The organ must be sold to satisfy the beneficiaries. What do I have? How do I store it? What about this instrument would interest a perspective buyer?

    From the reading I have done so far, I assume that this is considered a Home Organ. Would a church find such an instrument useful? Is it too small for a church? Since it is an electronic instrument, couldn't it be amplified enough for use in a large building?

    Any help would be appreciated. I am afraid I don't know enough about this topic to know which questions to ask.

    I am sure that I have spoken enough in this post to expose my extreme ignorance on the topic of organs. Hopefully someone is having a good laugh at my expense.

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    Re: Lowrey SU-500 Royale Cherry

    Hi Vibaldi

    the SU-500 is an expensive organ that could be used at home but it is powerful enough for a hall or large building - I suppose it could be used in a church, but Lowrey's do not usually end up in churches.

    You can store it in a dry place where mice cannot get inside it. The SU500 is a fantastic instrument that sold for a small fortune but the re-sale value of these instruments is not too great.

    You can see them listed on eBay quite regularly - I think the last one I saw had a starting price of $14,000. Best thing would be to learn how to play it yourself and keep it!

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    Re: Lowrey SU-500 Royale Cherry

    You can check date on data plate under lower keyboard (2001-2004).

    Fletcher Music in FL knowledgeable and nice to deal with for info. Talk to Joe Rhodes, Villages. Tell him Radar sent you, and he'll take good care of you.

    Two Royales listed on Ebay for $14K attracted no bids past Jan/Feb. Value @ $10-15 depending on location and condition --- and timing...

    Active Lowrey Forum on Yahoo.

    Feel free to Email with any questions,

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    Re: Lowrey SU-500 Royale Cherry

    We are looking for a preowned Royale SU 500 like you have for sale.

    The average price on the market ,year when build and wood is between 10.000 and 15.000 usd.

    Please tell us where you located and if you are still interested to sell ?

    We live on the southwest coast in Florida.

    You can go in contact with us via e-mail :


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    I am interested on this organ

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    Given that it's an estate Lowrey, six years later it's probably still for sale.

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