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Thread: I am selling a Wurlitzer 4700 with two Leslie 212s

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    I am selling a Wurlitzer 4700 with two Leslie 212s

    I have a Wurlitzer 4700 in very good condition with bench and foot pedals, as well as two leslie 212s. I'm trying to figure out what would be a fair asking price for a set like this. I realize this is probably going to be a difficult thing to sell just because of the sheer size of it, but I'd definitely like to start closer to what it's really worth and come down if I have to. Anyone have any thoughts as to how much I should be asking for these items?


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    Location would help on the value.

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    Mmm. I'm here in Nashville, TN.

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    Seeing how the Leslie speakers 212S here> are not your typical Leslie speakers that Hammond players go for it will at least serve well in keeping this great organ going. Unfortunately you won't get nearly the resale if they were Leslie 122 speakers and someone were to consult you about selling the Leslie speakers by themselves. Still, it is likely to happen anyway, that you will get offers from buyers who will come at you with a scenerio of,
    " Well, those cabinets are nice, but since they aren't really any good for the only organ market that is hanging on- the Hammond organ market...we'll take them off your hands for oh' $200 each..."

    However then you'd be stuck with a Wurlitzer 4700 that might if you are lucky get a buyer for $300. These are tough times for great organs. FACT, Hammond organs are NOT the be all and end all of organs, they just so happen to have everyone convinced they are. Try as I might I have convinced only a handful of organ players to explore the wonderful world of Wurlitzer. Wurlitzer organs sound great! So I say stick to your guns and sell it all together to that right person who will appreciate all of it together. The Leslie 212 speakers were designed especially for Wurlitzer and with a Wurlitzer is where they belong.

    One good thing the 4700 has going for it is that it is completely serviceable with NEW OLD STOCK (NOS) parts. Yes, a company in Mississippi is Morelock's Wurlitzer Parts. The company was founded by former Wurlitzer factory employees and they bought all of the factory's inventory when Wurlitzer went out of business, like most of the other organ companies in the 80's. Morelock's prices are excellent and they will rebuild the amplifier/power supply chassis in your 4700 for less than $200. Since they are easy to remove and ship ( light weight, no tubes- the 4700 is 100% transistorized) it is an excellent opportunity for the new owner to have an excellent analog electronic organ ( the best!) that is fully serviced where the servicing matters the most- the amps and power supply section of the organ.

    There are many good incentives to own a Wurlitzer 4700 with two 212 Leslie speakers that are in that condition. Let me explain that when one plays a Wurlitzer it is very possible to create just about any organ texture one wishes. The Wurlitzer solid state 4500 and 4700 organs CAN produce a sweet warm gospel tone, more so than any organ that is not a Hammond. Unfortunately there are a great many churches who adopt the Hammond B3 sound that wouldn't know a great old spiritual organ sound if they heard it...maybe that sound is long gone? Hope not, if the church that is meant for this organ is out there they will know what you have. So...

    You'll need to make a great recording with this organ by a good organist demonstrating it if you really want to sell it for top dollar, and then you'll have to cross your fingers. Maybe it's more trouble than it's worth for getting an extra $500-$800 for an organ. I'm biased because personally I think a Wurlitzer is way more versatile than a Hammond and it sounds better in a church.FIND THAT CHURCH! Or home...

    Another option is to seek out an organ dealer and make a deal with them, before they get to you with a low ball offer. Tell them you have what is considered one of the better organs and you really want to keep it all together because the Leslie 212's were made for Wurlitzer anyway. You would like for him/her to put the word out that it is available and that you will make it worth their while. He/she might even play. Get them to do a demo recording/video and put it on Youtube with Wurlitzer 4700 & 2 212 Leslies in the title of the video. Youtube is a great place to give great organs exposure, for the future of the organ in general.

    You can also list the organ on the Theater Organ Home Page, here> . The 4700 is not a 'theater organ' per say, but it really is one at heart. You can play all of the great Wurlitzer theater organ sounds on the 4700 as good, if not better, than the Conn, Rodgers, or Gulbransen organs. Wurlitzer has a distinct 'woody' sounding tibia ( or flute). This is Wurlitzer sound, the foundation sound of the theater organ. So yes, it can appeal to the theater organ community as well.

    Good luck- Ask $2,500 if it is fully working on a simple Craigslist ad. Ignore below $1,500 offers, but get their contact info. Some guys will play the sympathy game like the church only has X$. Tell them you will consider their offer, but you have other offers higher...avoid them pressuring you. If they pressure you and call the organ worthless because it's not a Hammond or it's 50 years old then just get off the phone unless they talk higher than $1,500. Look, if they can wheel and deal that good then they are out to make money. Use that attitude to your advantage and tell them to find you a customer and you will make it worth their while. If they act like they don't know what you are talking about then say, ' Oh, you sound like you know what you are talking about, sorry but I have to get the most I can for this organ and I hope your church find what they are looking for, bye.'

    That's all I can tell you, keep Morelock's Wurlitzer Parts in mind when talking with a customer. You might even contact Morelock's now so you can see what servicing will cost so you can pass that info along.
    Wurlitzer '46' Model 31 Orgatron & 310 rotary cab, 56' 4410 , 65' 4300
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    Gulbransen 61' 1132 '76' Rialto II & Leslie 705 + two 540
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    I own a 4700 myself. The cabinets are a fabulous addition. If you've not already seen the modified 4502 theater set up on You Tube be sure to visit. While the 4700 has church voicing the addition of the cabinets should make it a one of a kind instrument. Do you have one cabinet on the red family and one on the black family? As Paul J has indicated the value is there but the market is not so keep the organ and keep it playing until the offer comes. Glad you came here to share your story with us. I would think Music City USA would be an ideal place to sell a historic piece like this. If I were there, I'd try to get word to Dolly Parten. This would blend in very well at Dollywood!

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    Thanks for the responses guys. I really appreciate all of the wonderful advice. Sorry it's taken me so long to respond.
    I will be implementing your advice and I'll update the thread with the results.

    Thanks guys,

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    I would love to have this organ! Please message me back.

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    Are you still wanting a Wurlitzer 4700?

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