Is there anyone out there that has successfully connected a tone cabinet 350 rotary speaker to a Wurlitzer 4410 spinet electrostatic reed organ?

There is a 6 pin female connector at the base of the Tone Cab that looks the same as the speaker input at the amp of the organ but two of the pins on the cab are used for AC power and I don't believe that the amp of the organ pumps out 117v.AC (120). I think I'm going to have to construct some type of junction box purchasing the 6 pin ports on ebay. This concept is going to get relatively expensive fast! I will have to buy two 6 pin cables as well as the connectors for the junction box. Another thing I'm not certain about is whether the field coil speaker in the Organ will even put up with that. Am I going to blow out the can speakers by connecting them directly to the amp?

I was hoping that there might be someone out there who has experience connecting these two together. Will it be worth it?

I chopped off the original connecter on the cab (leaving enough wire to reconnect it) and tested out the speakers and motor by connecting RCA plugs and a power cord. The speaker wiring has a mono send/receive (in/out) setup in order to modulate the sound of the main speaker to match that of the Tone Cab.

Thanks in advance for any assistance or guidance in the right direction.