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Thread: Lowrey Jamboree

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    Lowrey Jamboree

    I have a Lowrey Jamboree with Magic genie I believe the model is 2300 100A8 72264 from the late 70's; I have own it for several years, recently all the "C" keys on the upper keyboard no longer emit a sound; it's only those keys, everything else works fine; any thoughts as to the problem & what it would take to get it fixed.
    Assistance would be appreciated.

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    If it's late 70s then I'm not quite sure whether it will have a TOG or separate oscillators. It seems odd that it's only the Cs on the upper keyboard, anyway. Can't immediately think of an answer - but I'm sure someone else will.

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    Sounds like the 'c' divider chip is bad.
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    Jamboree from that era would be either M300 or M325, 1977 or 1978. Both IC divider, most likely a Top Octave Synthesizer model. The TOS could have failed, no longer outputting a C for the IC dividers to divide, or as quarterturn says, maybe the C divider has gone. If they're the plug in type, you could try swapping some over to see if the dead note changes.
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    On M300;
    On the master Oscillator/Divider board, IC-1 is the master IC TOS (Top Octave Synthesizer) that creates the C notes. (G~C)
    Sometimes the highest C note will play but non of the others. If that is your case, then the TOS IC is working.
    Additional octaves are created with IC 10, a 6-stage divider. You can swap IC 10 with nearby IC 12 to see if the C-notes come back. If it does, then IC 10 was bad.


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    The serial number rog sent (2300 100A8 72264) tells me it is an M300.

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    But, the OP says it's only the C notes on the upper keyboard. I don't think either a TOS failure nor a divider failure would explain that?

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    Thanks for the responses; I will try to follow up on the ideas however this may be beyond my knowledge of electronics

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    Welcome back rog. If you have a bad divider IC, sometimes people can buy them from organ service company of marengo indiana, but people report they have gotten really slow about answering the phone lately. I found a divider IC with a google search of the number at a obsolete IC house in Colombus OH (cei something), but one is not real optimistic about the support. The best source of dividers and top octave generators is another identical organ. Don't remove parts with the power on, and work in high humidity or wear a grounded static electricity wristband, some of these IC's were MOS and could blow up from winter or turned up A/C low humidity static discharge.
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    Dear Rog,
    I'm working on a similar problem with Lowrey M-300. Most C# and D# were not making a sound. If you're comfortable in your electronics ability, has service manuals for different models. [Please follow electrical safety precautions.] Could not find M-300, but the TG-88-1 matched what was in the organ for the Tone Generator & Pedal Board Assembly. When I swapped IC-5 for IC-9, the C# and D# both played normally-->TOS was functional! The original IC-5 had issues. If the C# & D# remained "dead", then the TOS (IC-1, IC-2) would be suspect. Refer to diagrams for specific notes.
    Here's my question for everyone else. I'm having difficulty locating replacement 6 stage dividers. Does anyone know what company made the IC's for Lowrey? The original Lowrey part for the
    6 stage divider (IC) 991-021331-002
    By the M-325, 991-025539-002 was being used (same function). The IC 6 stage dividers in my organ are
    National Semiconductor "N" / 731
    Organ Service Corporation suggests the alternative
    KS-5823 Retro
    I would appreciate any help to identify comparable 6 stage divider IC's. I'm also going to follow up on the company in Columbus, OH....
    Thank you!

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