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Thread: Allen T-12A and Leslie 25

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    Allen T-12A and Leslie 25

    I currently have a 1960 Allen T-12A organ that I'm looking to sell. Cosmetically, I'd rate it as very good (as opposed to Mint or Excellent) as it has minor (but noticeable) wear on the cabinet. Mechanically, it is in perfect working order. Includes bench and pedalboard. I have seen sellers asking around $1500 for the same organ, but a different (later?) manufacturing year, and was thinking about asking half that for mine.

    Also, I'm interested in purchasing a Leslie 25 from craigslist. The seller is looking for an offer, and has not given a general price range. By the picture I have seen (more will be coming soon) it looks to be in excellent cosmetic shape. The post implies it is in perfect working order. I have contacted the seller and inquired as to whether or not it has the amplifier or not (as the amplifier was an option with these), but have yet to get a response about that. If it is possible to get a price for both options, that would be great!

    Thank you!
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    Depends on the continent and the pedal set. I offered $80 on a T12 with princess pedals (52" long) and a gyro cabinet, was turned down she wanted $150, I don't believe she has had another buyer, she keeps emailing jokes and other trash. I changed my mind about wanting it, I find after one lesson on a pipe organ I am just big enough to reach both sides of AGO pedals- so I'm holding out for a Baldwin with AGO pedals. DW15---- listed a T12 princess pedal organ at a church in Indi, has been talking about them wanting it gone for 6 months, the princess pedals are a real deal killer. Besides the limited palette of tones. Repairable simple organs if they just had AGO pedals (56" long) they would be useful for practicing.
    Leslies with the full sized cabinet, even non working, rarely go below $500 here. Not the sort of thing that shows up on Craigslist very often.
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