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Thread: Hauptwerk and Virtual Instruments Discounts until 31 Dec 2012

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    Hauptwerk and Virtual Instruments Discounts until 31 Dec 2012

    Anyone wishing to go 'Virtual', step-up from the free edition to the licensed version or expand your exisiting Hauptwerk setup may want to consider the following pre-Christmas specials, on Hauptwerk itself and several samplesets from various sample providers:

    Hauptwerk (from Milan Digital Audio)
    This is 'the' Virtual Organ software.
    15% off new and upgraded licenses and Milan Digital Audio instruments until 31/12/2012

    Milan Virtual Wurlitzer 'MasterWorks' 3/31
    Recently reduced by 50% from $899 to $449 (originally sold for $1200) and the 15% discount now also applies to that, so the total for the MW331 now is only $381.65 plus shipping during the holiday sale.

    Paramount Organ Works Virtual Wurlitzer
    Purchase through the HW store site 15% off until 31/12/2012
    Model.........................New Price....with Sale 15% Discount
    Complete 4/50...........$629............$534.65 2 DVD Set
    3/20.............................$99..............$8 4.15 Download
    3/32 upgrade..............$249............$211.65 Download (needs 320 = 295.80)
    4/50 upgrade..............$299............$254.15 Download (needs 332 = 549.95)

    Schantz sample set special price $50 (download) Sample set withdrawn in January 2013
    Wangerin Dry 20% off - the price drops from $200 to $160
    until 31/12/2012

    Sounus Paradisi
    Discount of about 10% on some samples .
    Discounts end on December 20th, 2012. Includes Rotterdam Hoofdorgel Wet and Surround Sample Set.(643.20Euro normally 698.40Euro), Zwolle, Dom Bedos, Krzeszow, Utrecht, Prague Baroque, Santanyi, Palma, Velesovo.

    20% off until 31/12/2012

    20% off all organs - until Dec 31st, 2012

    All Inspired Accoustics
    Products are 35% discounted. The sale continues until 31 January 2013.
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    Hi Momboc,

    I'm new to this but am very interested in Hauptwerk.

    Residing in NSW I haven't owned an organ for many years but I would like that to change sometime fairly soon.

    I've looked into Midi Works Bundles (which are magnificent but rather expensive) but am unsure if they ship to Australia (asked a question but still awaiting an answer).

    You seem to have a handle on most things so are you aware of anywhere here that does similar?

    Or do you have info on good suppliers?

    My apologies if you are not the person to ask all this of but I had to start somewhere.

    Many thanks.


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    Hi Hermie,

    Read your post on the Organ Forum. You might be interested in contacting 2 Virtual/Hauptwerk friends not too far from you in Australia. They are Merv Lock and Don Austin They both are very good sources of info. If I can help, let me know, I have been quite active on the Hauptwerk Forum for quite a while and have had HW software since it's first version of HW 1.0, now HW 4.0 and soon for public release,HW 4.1. I use the name engrssc on the HW Forum. Previously and still on occasion, am active on the MidiTzer Forum as well,

    Have a good day,

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