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Thread: best organists of today

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    I love the music and playing of Thierry Escaich....

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    There are so many but three stand out for me: Olivier Latry: simply a genius, David Briggs again a genius, especially at improvisation and lastly Ian Tracey of Liverpool for being not only a wonderful player but a truly lovely guy whose open door policy to playing the mighty Liverpool Anglican has enabled many to enjoy that wonderful organ while visiting the city. I rate Roger Sayer, now at Temple Church as being one of the most exciting and underrated performers out there too. Oh one other who I really think is special: Paul Jacobs: terrific player.

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    It seems each of us has his or her favorite pipe organist depending on the music, the style, the organ and upon popularity -or even looks. Right now I seen to be excited by the improvisations of Sophie-Veronique Cauchefer-Choplin. She's a really happy little ball of amazing genius and seems to be able to handle even the San Sulpice organ. The main thing is I like organists who have lots of fun playing and performing. And I don't care whether they are famous or not. Remember, most pipe organists don't make much money at all, anyway.

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    Timmy, you might have forgotten Barbara Dennerheim. She's even played jazz on that Aeolian-Skinner behemoth at Riverside Church in NY and knocked 'em dead. Did you know that there is a CD of Fats Waller at the organ. Two engineers reworked a Wurlitzer to play his piano and organ rolls and its one of my favorite albums.

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