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Thread: Lowrey Lincolnwood SSO-25 Deluxe

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    Lowrey Lincolnwood SSO-25 Deluxe

    I don't know if I'm posting this in the correct place.....

    Took organ lessons when I was much younger and am a classically trained pianist. I have been looking for an organ to bring home and tinker with.

    I have to opportunity to bring home a very well cared for Lincolnwood SSO-25 organ for free which I have seen in person and played for about an hour. It appears to be working perfectly. Is it worth my time to to bring it home? Are there any special precautions I should take to transport it? It's only about a 30 minute drive from my home.

    Should I take it or wait for something better to come along?

    Any thoughts or opinions would be greatly appreciated.

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    You're posting in exactly the right place.

    The SSO-25, as you probably already know, is full of valves (tubes on your side of the pond). So you need to know that all the tubes are firmly seated before transport, keep the organ as stable as possible and then check all the tubes again after transport.

    With a 50 year old organ like this, you should check on its service history, as it can be a high maintenance item. I'm thinking in particular of electrolytic capacitors, particularly in the power supply, but probably elsewhere. These are cheap enough to replace but there may be a lot of them to do. You're really looking at doing maintenance yourself as a professional engineer's fees would be astronomic, given the amount of time needed. We can give you plenty of advice on this but if you're not happy with the idea of working around very high, and potentially lethal voltages, then think carefully.

    As far as the organ goes, the SSO-25 'Lincolnwood' is a well-respected Lowrey classic with a great sound, if it's working properly. It has the original Lowrey AOC and a leslie speaker built in. You don't mention what type of music you're likely to play but the SSO-25 is more of an entertainment instrument than classical. It will do very nicely with classical fare, but it's not it's forte.

    As for the price, free is always good, but do bear in mind potential maintenance costs in terms of parts and your time. Keeping these oldies going is a labour of love.

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