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Thread: Rodgers Trio questions...

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    thanks for the info. Tech support confirmed it was a 321 and had a 30500 and up tech manual PDF they sent me.

    couple of questions if I may
    Manual says it can use a 145/147 leslie. How is the Trem/choral leslie speed selected? via a Stop? Is it all ranks or only Tibia?

    With the conversion can it be done in stages and use a Pc with Hauptwerk first and still use stops and pistons and then add their engine in a second stage?

    The Glockenspiel was an option? where did it fit?

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    I don't have the 321 manual, but the 321A manual says the organ needs a 3-speed selector adapter to use the Leslie. Generally Rodgers only ran the Tibia through the Leslie.

    The Artisan system uses their own sound engine, and not a PC with Hauptwerk. I am not knowledgeable about Hauptwerk systems. For Artisan, the first requirement is that the pedals, manuals and stops will need MIDI. Artisan sells encoder boards, others offer these too, and perhaps cheaper. That should leave the organ playable as is. After you have MIDI on the keys and stops you can add the Artisan sound engine.

    If you want to do this with Hauptwerk, I suggest you post in the MIDI Devices and Software and Virtual Organs subforums.

    The glockenspiel on the 321 Trio's was mounted in the console, under the lid.

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    For a MIDI encoder I'd look at something like the hwce2x-bundle #1 MIDI Encoder System from MIDI Boutique at $470 (380 Euros). The six input boards will handle three manuals, pedals, and all the pistons and tabs. The firm is very popular with HW users and I've used a number of their products when one of my own free designs isn't exactly what's needed. Someone with the technical skills could build my bus encoder with six input boards for a little less money but I don't sell encoders and don't offer much support as I'm retired from years of doing that.

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    Quote "Generally Rodgers only ran the Tibia through the Leslie."

    True. On my 321, a separate Tibia output is included which has a hi-pass filter to keep the bass out of the Leslie.. Leslie switching is accomplished with the usual Leslie switch mounted just below the lower keyboard facia.
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