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Thread: Stuck keys on a Clavinova

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    Stuck keys on a Clavinova

    I know this is the organ forum, my clavinova has some pretty good voiceing. Rock organ to name one. Anyway the keys a stuck down. Grandchildren playing it with sticky little fingers or something broken in there. How hard is it to pull these apart and clean up the keyboard?

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    If this happens to be one of the 2002ish models of Clavinova (like my CLP-970), there is a known problem with the keyboards in some of these models. I had an issue with sticky keys in 2009, and Yamaha replaced the keyboard at no cost to me. I called Yamaha USA tech support, they verified the model number and serial number, and sent the keyboard to an authorized repair facility which came out and replaced it.

    Apparently, this issue is either white keys being too thin at the pivot point or the lubricant used at the pivot deteriorated the plastic. Here is a link to a UK site with information on this known issue. Here is a link to a thread on the CVP forum archive regarding this issue.

    I hope this helps some.

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    They are pretty easy to work on and all the parts can still be ordered on line directly from Yamaha.
    I rebuilt a couple of early 90s Korgs which were just rebranded Yamaha Clavinovas.
    There are also some good videos on YouTube showing the take-apart procedure.
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    It could be useful to watch this YT video and others on the similar problems:

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