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Thread: JVS Victron M-10 any interesting?

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    JVC Victron M-10 any interesting?

    This is advertised for bids semi-locally,
    I was just wondering about it really, as its another organ with a synth section, and drawbars for some reason.
    So it looks nice, does it sound good?

    Edit: I found another someone tried selling last year, same area so a good salesman somewhere nearby It seems that the correct model name is JVC Victron EO M-10N

    Another edit: Seems like most of their other models do not look as much as the Yamahas, and after finding this I find it very likely they were sued for copying The M1210 which looks like its the same model with added ensemble chorus and some more beats, looks quite different in design.
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    Most of the Victrons I've seen are pretty bland, uninteresting machines, but this one looks like it has quite a spec to it. Sound? That depends it it's pre or post US and European influence. All the Japanese manufacturers started listening hard to the Western dealers and players in the late 70s, with good effect. If it's 'pre', then expect a thinnish sound. If it's 'post', flutes should have improved a lot and instrumental sounds would have lost some of that bright 'edge'.

    Depends how much it is, of course. In the UK, probably near zero due to its age and size, but once you cross the Channel or North Sea, prices take a real upwards hike!
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    Thanks, I got in touch with the seller and there was high hopes for price so Ill pass, not all old synths are interesting, and Im well covered already by the D85s when it comes to organ sounds.
    I suppose theres a reason they didnt catch on.

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    JVC (Japan Victor Co.) supplied quite a lot of product to Lowrey in the 1980's. All of the V-series MicroGenies and keyboards for the U. S.-built Lowreys came from JVC. (Aren't those little gray bubble contacts a joy?)

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    Hi Here is an advert I found in one of my old organ magazines
    victron Tony Back1.jpg

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    WOW David, that M1210 looks like some piece of kit!

    I once played a JVC Victron, not sure which model it was, but it was similar in size and spec to say, a C-55 or a U-60. I thought it sounded ok, nothing really special - in fact similar to the Yamahas and Technics of the era (early 80's). The analog drum machine was bland and uninteresting.
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    There is an Alan Haven cd which maybe still available from Mss studios playing the Victron M1210
    I do have an LP of the English Jimmy Smith playing one too. "so real so beautiful" it was a very nice sounding with the strings and organ sounds
    in particular.

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    Wunderbar, thanks, I do like old ads

    Keyboardguy, that picture was of another Organ entirely, I was just struck by the resemblance to the Yamaha stage models.
    The 1210 looks like this and was released just a bit after:
    Notice the lack of yamaha colors

    Since the specs is about the same as the M10 I guessed that yamaha had some stern words about their design that made them change it.

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    Yes I also know what you mean about the M10 having Yamaha type colours. Looks a bit like the Yamaha D65 etc. and the push buttons are virtually identical.Yamaha probably got stroppy like Heinz won't allow anybody else to sell beans in a green tin like theirs.
    The 1210 tabs were more blue and orange. I couldn't get your linked picture . when I clicked on it there is just a message from Tripod.
    Not to worry though.

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    I I've found a pic of Alan haven with the M1210 on the front of another of my old magazines.

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