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Thread: New, Used, Out of Print Organ/Choral Music

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    New, Used, Out of Print Organ/Choral Music

    Windsor Music and Publishing, Spencer, North Carolina


    We have the largest selection of new, used and out of print organ/choral music in the Southeast. We recently acquired a cathedral organist's complete library. Let us know what you are looking for - we can probably find it!

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    Hi There,

    I am interested in Gordon Young and Charles Callahan organ music. Also any good hymn tune prelude books you offer. (ie. kevin mayhew editions)


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    This is really a long shot, but...
    Many years ago (probably about 1964 or 5) one of my teachers loaned me a book of organ music for funerals...or maybe it was for funerals and weddings. It was a thin, black hardbound book, I suppose around 9"x12"and I think the lettering on the front was gold. There were some wonderful pieces in it, but I can't remember them now, of course. Does that ring any bells?
    Jennifer Saks

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    I would love to see this list if you still have it. I am interested in Gordon Young, hymn collections, The Organ Portfolio, The Sacred Organ Journal, and books published by Kevin Mayhew.

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