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Thread: Midi channel transmit set different on these 90's italian organs

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    Midi channel transmit set different on these 90's italian organs

    As you may know if you happen to see my other post I picked up one of these baldwin duet RX-220 budget organs made for the home market(this is a standard spinet 44 keys per manual and 13 bass pedals),mine was made in 1991 I believe,it's actually made by orla in italy but has a baldwin badge on it,I figured it would make a basic little midi controller thats light weight but sturdy enough not to go sliding around on me.
    I finally got around to running it through a midi monitor prog today because at first try this thing sent software synths haywire and this is why-instead of the top manual transmitting on ch1 it transmits on ch4,the bottom manual transmits on ch2 as is the norm and bass pedals on ch3 per the norm.
    why on earth did they have the top man transmitting on ch4 makes no sense to me but hey maybe things are different in italy I don't know
    do any of you more knowledgable fellows know if these orla organs may have a dip switch inside on the pcb where midi channels can be changed?,as it sits I'm going to have to modify my soundfont sets to make up for this different channel setup I would like to avoid doing so if I can.

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    Now sometimes they set things so that the upper tx was ch1, but if you'd selected a solo monophonic synth sound ('solo' or whatever they called it) on the upper instead of the usual polyphonic sounds, then it would use ch4.

    Yes it was odd, no idea why they did it and I'm not aware of anything inside that could change it.
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    thanks andy,informative as always!!,I noticed when running midimon that the upper manual transmits on ch4 but "tickles" ch1 also,about every 4 notes played you'll see the light for ch1 flashing,this is very awkward to say the least,I'm going to check it again today to see if the rx220 is doing as you say,thanks again

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    well just ran midimon again and no matter what is selected as far as presets go it always transmits on ch4 for the top manual but like I said it is transmiting one ch1 about every 4 notes,what a bizarre and unconvienient way to have it set up,what on earth were they thinking?it's made late enough in the game to abide by the midi standard one would think,but oh well,I guess I'll start working on those sound fonts today

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