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Thread: Mid-Michigan Theatre Pipe Organ Event

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    Mid-Michigan Theatre Pipe Organ Event

    Jonathan Ortloff, Organist
    Sunday, April 29, 2012 - 3:00 p.m.

    The winner of the American Theatre Organ Society’s 2008 Young Theatre Organist Competition, Jonathan Ortloff holds degrees from the Eastman School of Music and the University of Rochester in organ performance and interdisciplinary engineering. While at Eastman, he was a student of David Higgs and studied improvisation under William Porter. Jonathan, who is largely self-taught at the theatre organ, made his debut in 2007 and has since performed for numerous theatre organ groups throughout the United States, including feature performances at ATOS national conventions. He has two recordings to his credit, both of which feature drummer Allan Ward. Jonathan is currently employed by Spencer Organ Company of Waltham, Massachusetts. In recent years, he has worked for some of the most renowned organ builders and restorers in the United States, and also maintains a small freelance organ maintenance business. Besides performing, building, and restoring, Jonathan writes on a variety of organ-related topics and his articles have appeared in many professional pipe organ journals. A graduate of Phillips Exeter Academy, Jonathan makes his home in Boston, spending his free time skiing, hiking or paddling the mountains and streams of New England. Welcome, Jonathan...for the first time!

    (All events take place at the Grand Ledge Opera House, 121 S. Bridge St. (M-100), Grand Ledge, MI. All programs/artists subject to change.)

    Individual tickets are $10 in advance, $12 at the door. A season ticket (one ticket for each of the four annual public performances) can be ordered through the LTO box office for $35. In addition, any combination of four tickets qualifies for our "Mix 'N Match" program, and is considered the same as a season ticket, for $35.

    Ticket orders received one week or less from the day of performance will be held at the LTO box office and available as a will call.

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    Anybody get to go? I had to be on the road with my daughter all day, and Grand Ledge is 4 hours away in the wrong direction.
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