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Thread: Facebook links in back button

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    Facebook links in back button

    In the past couple of weeks I started noticing that each time you go back from a thread to the list of threads 2 Facebook links appear in the recent pages (back button) list. This makes the back button erratic, at best. I can work around it by using the drop-down and going directly to the last valid URL, but this is getting to be a PIA.

    I'm using IE8, and can't really change browsers (for a variety of reasons). Is there some setting I'm missing to disable any Facebook linkage? Clearing the cookies doesn't seem to help - it just comes back.

    I did some searching and found that this comes up quite often with forums driven by vBulletin. I'm guessing it's related to the "like" button on the threads.


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    I've noticed that the back button rarely works correctly on this site, at least on IE. I never knew what caused it.

    But what I do at home is just open everything in new tabs or windows. Since I have dialup at home, any time I can avoid reloading a page is a plus.
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