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Thread: Is this a Rodgers 990 for sale on Ebay?

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    Is this a Rodgers 990 for sale on Ebay?

    I'm curious why this organ looks different than the 990 that is shown on Youtube. Look at the posted Ebay ad, then the Youtube video ( BTW it sounds dryer than dust!). When were these made? Are these both 990's even though the stops are different? I'm not a buyer, just a curious spectator. The bids up to $1,000 for the organ and cabinets. Is this considered a good organ?

    Rodgers 990.JPG Rodgers 990 3.JPGrodgers 990 2.JPG
    On Ebay listed as a Rodgers 990

    <iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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    It was available with drawknobs or with stop tabs on the side jams. I still have the brochure somewhere.

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    I was going to post that ad on the eBay thread as something of interest only because you generally don't see the tab version; all the ones I've seen were drawknob. This one also has far fewer combination pistons and toe studs than any 990 I've seen. Noticed that there is plenty of room to add stops to this version whereas the drawknob version is pretty much "full up".

    I believe it's a 990 as the stoplist in the ad matches that of a non-extended 990, though I didn't check every single one. I suspect it's a very early 990.

    Whoever bid on it, bid right away, I think the first day, even before the seller added the specification and the model number to the ad.

    By the way, that YouTube video: I don't know WHAT that guy did to that 990, but a 990 absolutely does not sound that bad.


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    They don't have to list a depth on the ad, I don't have to bid. I prefer that compact design, tabs is it? I've got relatives I should visit near Catlettsburg, KY which would justify spending the gas money to go get it, but it probably wouldn't fit through the 35" door of my house.
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    The Rodgers 990 'Heritage' was first produced in 1968 and used individual transistor oscillators. In case you are interested in the latest version of my Electronic Organ Reference List (2,646 records ) it is available for a modest investment directly from me at

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