I have an Allen MDS-317 and an Allen Ensemble. I have not been using the Ensemble because of a fault in the organ.

The output of the Ensemble is two audio channels, L and R. The input in the organ is a little block for the right and left RCA plugs. Then there are some wires going from the block to one of the cages. It seems only one of the channels coming from the block is not working.

I've been able to determine that the Ensemble is putting audio out both of it's channels by swapping the RCA cables connected to it. What I cannot do is figure out if the little block that converts it to what the cage needs is causing the problem, the cable from the block to the cage is the problem, or if the fault is in the cage.

Thought about disconnecting the cable at the cage, but I can't get the plug on the cage end of the cable disconnected from the cage itself (just to see if there is a dirty connection - I found when I got the organ a couple of years ago ALL the 120-volt receptacles needed to have the connectors unplugged/plugged back, one of the power supplies wouldn't power up until I did that). I don't know if it's stuck or if there's a little latch that holds it in place that I'm not seeing.

Any thoughts?