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Thread: Taking the base off of a yamaha electone E30

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    Taking the base off of a yamaha electone E30

    I would like to take the base off of a yamaha electone E30. I need to move it down into a basement room.

    I am wondering if anyone has any tips on 1.How to move the power supply into the upper case. 2. How to convert the pedal board into its own unit. 3. How to convert the speaker and leslie speaker into its own unit. Any other tips and getting acomplished.

    Thank you!!

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    Watch the video below and stop it at 14:03. I'd post the image, but forget where I got it from when making this video on another computer. BTW, if you like the organ I posted the other side of the album too. Nothing sounds like the awesome Thomas Californian spinets, especially when played by a master like the Late harry Wach.
    A great tip for making a wire harness ( for low voltage signals, and non-shielded wires of course) is to get an old parallel printer cable and use an A/B box on each end with the male and female ports & A/B switch ( not necessary, but the boxes are nice and there are good lead lengths on the internal connections). Plus you could use the A/B creatively- send 'A' to the Yamaha's upper organ's pedal pc board, and the 'B' to a MIDI converter board ( the 13,25,or 32 pedal-to-MIDI kits are very inexpensive). Then with the flip of the A/B switch you can choose between your stock Yammy's Bass-or- MIDI you can couple other sounds with the bass using MIDI. Mount a box on the upper part of the organ, and another on the pedal board. Then just connect a printer cable between the two. You can also use Amphenol round sockets -male/female for the shielded cables. In fact if you use an 11-pin you could probably get by with two of these for the entire pedal,speakers etc., but the printer cable set-up is dirt cheap as surplus.

    I just gave a neighbors teenage kids my Yamaha Electone B4cr. I was going to separate the top from the bottom myself since all that is below the key desk level was the speaker, the pedals, and the reverb springs. Since it had a metal rolltop cover it would have been an instant travel ready organ, but I decided since I don't travel anymore what's the point. I have a Farfisa FAST 4 for portable playing.

    Check out the HOAX Hammond, you could always add the authentic Hammond tone wheel organ to your organ too.

    <iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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    Thank you for the reply. Do recomend a certain midi kit for the electone?

    Have you ever played the Thomas Monticello 372 with moog presets? Ive been looking for one of thoses for a year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jerdoll View Post
    Thank you for the reply. Do recomend a certain midi kit for the electone?

    Have you ever played the Thomas Monticello 372 with moog presets? Ive been looking for one of thoses for a year.
    There's one of those organs available locally for $50 (Ontario, Canada)...the Moog is same as the Moog Satellite (AFAIK). Youtube has some decent content on the Satellite, you can even find related schematics and such for the Satellite at least... it's limited, but has some nice sounds if you make creative 'live/dynamic' use of the controls.

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