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Thread: Schulmerich Carillon related items for sale

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    Schulmerich Carillon related items for sale

    Due to a recent acquisition, I now have a number of Schulmerich carillon related items (from various systems) that are surplus to my needs. Please feel free to inquire about random or smaller parts, as I cannot list everything here. The larger items I have include:

    Solid state high power tower amplifiers
    Full size Fidelipac tape cartridge decks
    Rackmount cabinets (19")
    Rackmount cabinets (24")
    A complete set of Flemish bell rods/generators with preamps
    Mounting board for above set of Flemish bell boxes
    Other relays, circuit boards, clocks, etc.


    Allen MDS-41-S with MIDI-DIVISION-II
    Schulmerich Carillon Americana - 61 notes Flemish / Harp / Celesta / Quadra / Minor Tierce
    - MIDI Retrofit finally underway & Moller console in need of refurbishment
    Schulmerich Campanile Digital Carillon (Cast & Harp)

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    Looking for a manual set for a Generation 2 Schulmerich Carillon with a tape cartridge deck. Schematics if available also. Our church inherited one with a merger from another church. I have it wired and working, but have a fuse blowing issue in the amp.

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    I recently acquired a Schulmerich Memorial Bells Carillon that came from Fort Custer Memorial Cemetery in Augusta, Michigan. This unit was a victim of a lightning strike. I have repaired the power board and have the unit functioning as in it plays the tapes and the bell peel, but I cannot get the Westminster Chime module to function. I believe the board (Schulmerich #36-991-1) is bad. Would you happen to have one for sale. Additionally, this unit has 6 programs on it, but I do not know how to program these jumpers, would you know how to program these. Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated. I work very hard to preserve history and could not let this piece go to scrap and want very much to have this working as a display for my customers in my shop as well as to have the chimes and music playing through the bell tower on top of my shop for the people in my hollow to hear

    Thank you!
    Dorrin K Mace, Horologist
    Pine Knoll Clock Shop

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    I'm looking for tapes that fit a Schulmerich Magnebell Carillon. They are continuous tapes in a plastic case (we currently have two different sizes). Would you have any available?


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    I know this is a old post but there is a user group for Carillons only, both cast bell and electronic. You can find the link to join here:

    Carillon and Chimes List

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