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Thread: Thomas Model Trianon A6820

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    Thomas Model Trianon A6820

    Andyg: You said you could tell me more about Chimes if I posted the question here. I thank you for your help.

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    Your Trianon was made in 1977 and was the middle of the three to be made with the Trianon name- the 1st was the 606 made in 1972, then the 6820 in 77', and the final version, the 6824 was made in 79'. The 1st Trianon used a transistor tone generator that used frequency division. There is such a debate amongst organ enthusiasts when it comes to who made what and why it is either better or inferior to the rest, but when it comes down to it there were many valid approaches to electronic organ building. Even if you are perfectly satisfied with your organ it's always nice to know a little bit about it's make up. Your organ is listed in Jan Giradot's master Organ List as being IC divider. Well, yes and no. Actually your organ is considered to be an LSI TOS tone generator. It uses IC's which are integrated circuits, but since the integrated circuits ( IC's) have an equivalent of 500 or more transistorized circuits within the large 32 pin IC's they are considered to be Large Scale Integrated circuits ( or LSI). No, this might not mean much to you, but if your organ ever fails you will be glad to know that the LSI components for your organ are still readily available. Now the TOS part, TOS stands for Top Order Synthesis. Your organ has a master oscillator and so instead of there being the previous method of there being 12 separate tone generators, one for each note, now there is just one master clock frequency and the top order synthesis IC is then divided electronically, or mathematically with the top order being the highest register ( or octave)on the keyboard. I being such a die hard analog head it bothered me that organ companies would cram lots of components into chips, but surprisingly all of the organs I've played from the various manufactures have an excellent sound. However many of the less expensive models ( like the smaller Thomas organs for instance) sound horrid, like toys. One of my dream organs was a Thomas Trianon. I have a 66' Thomas Palace III and really like the tone of it. It was Thomas's largest model, although the later Thomas models, like your Trianon have more features as far as accompaniment and rhythm, but as far as everything else this 66' model is very advanced- repeat percussion, delayed vibrato, piano, grand piano, accordion.

    There are lots of Trianon videos on Youtube- Watch 'Lawrence Welk Bob Ralston', here are a few I like- Which of these models is your organ? Also, what sort of speaker arrangement is in your Trianon? I have Thomas Californian 287 that has just two 12" speakers and it uses electronic means to produce the tremulent, as opposed to the common Leslie approach. I was told by the gentleman in the videos below that his Trianon uses pretty much fully interchangeable parts with my Californian 287 so I'm gussing it's got the same pair of 12" speakers. Am I right?

    I believe these are the same model...let me see if I can find a different one...this looks a little older, at least Bob and Charlotte look a little younger than in 77' or 79', could be 77 maybe?? Is this the 72' Trianon? Anyone?

    [look at bottom of screen on this video and you'll see the first of 4 play lists I've compiled of 200 video's each, lot of Thomas]
    Wurlitzer '46' Model 31 Orgatron & 310 rotary cab, 56' 4410 , 65' 4300
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    Hello MMahoney and all;

    If you are in need of a 6820 service manual, I have one left @ $8.00 + shipping.

    . . . Jan
    the OrganGrinder

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    Yes, it does have two 12 inch speakers.

    Thanks for all the information on Traianon. I use to have a Thomas Californian 263 about 30 years ago. My Mother had me taking pinao lessons at age 7 and I was still taking lessons on the organ my senior year in high school. I found the Trianon on Craigslist for $300.00. It appears to be in pretty good shape.
    Thanks for the Videos. I will watch them.

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    Thanks. How do I go about ordering it?

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    Email me off-list at and I'll fix you up with the book.

    . . . Jan
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    I wanted to let you know that I tried the 4,2-2/3 and the 2 Tibias with the percussion and sustain. They sound great. Thank you.

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