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    Hammond Oil

    The can that came with my new/old M-103 appears to be long empty. "Hammond oil" appears all over the place if I Google it, but is there a best place to buy? Is there a substitute that people trust?


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    There are plenty of Hammond dealers who sell it, but I get mine from....

    ...because I like to support small business owners. I don't trust the oil you find in ebay. You don't know who's selling it, or what they've put in the bottle. For as cheap as it is, and as long as a bottle will last, in my opinion it's not worth the risk of trying a substitute.

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    Tonewheelgeneral is a great place. USPS shipping, so buy a couple of things.
    Yeah, a lot of oils like car oil and spindle oil have metal in them as a rust inhibitor. Many old hammonds have dendrites, metal spikes, on oiled parts and the cause of dendrites is ??????? E-bay satisfaction rating indicates only shipping practices; a quality problem that shows up in 10 years will not reflect in an e-bay rating. Suzuki-hammond is still selling hammond oil. I'm using mineral oil laxative I bought at the grocery store, but I baked it on the stove in a stainless steel cup for 12 hours to see if gum or sludge developed. Oil for ingestion in the US will not have zinc in it, but sludge would hurt a hammond but not a human, so I check every bottle. You can get Mobil DTE turbine oil SUS32 recommended by some hammond techs (the turbine oil, the sus hasn't been verified) from, but it comes in gallons.
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    I know just enough about oil to be dangerous. I'll order from Tonewheelgeneral to be sure I'm getting the real thing. Thanks!

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    Tonewheel General is the best.

    Really nice people.
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