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Thread: Finding replacement parts for newer yamaha electone(s). HS-7T model

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    Finding replacement parts for newer yamaha electone(s). HS-7T model

    I suppose the electronics section of the forum is the place to be posting this since none of the others seem to be about working on/repairing organs,
    I have a late 80's early 90's yamaha HS-7T electone console organ,if in fact you wish to consider it an organ since its more like a dual manual yamaha synth with bass pedals,I use it strictly for a midi organ,the onboard sounds are for the most part very un-organ like,very dull and lifeless,but works great for using stuff like B-4 and hauptwerk.

    One of the keys on the bottom manual broke on me so I'm in need of a replacement,I've already had to repair the bass pedals as it suffered from the washer goo problem that these later electones all suffer from,I want to chop this thing to make it portable for gigs,I wanted the more portable model of this or any other modern midified organ,but this one was only $25 so had to take advantage of the price,ithis one is a full woodgrain console and weighs 125lbs more than it should considering all the actual organ parts probably only weigh 50lbs at the most,but anyway,does anybody know where to buy a replacement key or have any they want to sell or trade?,I need a C# black key,thanks.

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    Hi, ajp;

    I have a nice selection of 1980's Yamaha parts, but will need a part number since there are so many different key types. Look on the underside to see if there is a part number there, okay?

    . . . Jan
    the OrganGrinder

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    hello jan,I'm looking at the underside of it right now,it says 209,this also has a little piece of metal that suspends underneath the key,it comes out and can't really see anything wrong with it,do you know how I should go about putting the new key in?seems like it would be tedious on this yamaha,thanks for your help-tony

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    hello jan,I never heard back from you about that black key (part #209) for the electone model HS-7T,I still have the sealed one you sent me but it was the wrong number part,the black key you sent me is stamped #405 and goes to some other type of yamaha,I'd like to get this electone usable again,if you have a #209 for an HS-7T let me know and I'll send the wrong one back plus postage for the correct one(if you have one)thanks for your time and help

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    Hi, ajp;

    I don't have any 1987-era service manuals left in my collection, so we need to do some sleuthing together to find the complete part number, okay?

    Two questions:
    • do you have the service manual for your HS-7T? If so, look in the parts section at the back and give me the full part number;
    • if you don't have the manual, take a digital photo and send it to me at

    Thanks for your patience.

    . . . Jan

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    hi jan,will do that today,thanks for the help

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    jan just in case you see this I found out the part number for the black key on the hs7t it is- VA850500

    I got the info from a member at the yahoo electone users group so if you can check your parts to see if you got that one it should be it!!
    I'll email you as well,thanks jan

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    hey I found an expired auction for a spare on ebay so here's a black key.JPGpicture of #VA850500


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