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Thread: Leslie 860

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    Leslie 860

    Hey all...
    any opinions on a Leslie 860?

    Apparently the smallest leslie made with both rotors.

    I have a line on one for $600 with the big floor box preamp.
    What do they typically go for? I can find no ebay history.

    Jeremy H.
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    I bought one for $400 without the preamp. The guy that sold it to me could have gotten much more if he had a preamp pedal because all the calls received were from guitar players that were wanting a leslie to play guitar through. With preamps I have seen them priced at $1100 but I think the seller was smoking crack.

    I have a 122, a 3300 and a 860. I use the 860 a lot for local rock gigs because it rides easily in the back of my Chevy HHR. It lack some low-end but the wonderous sound guy is able to help either by using EQ or that BBE thing ... or something ( I just play). It is loud and good enough for rock and roll. I wouldn't use it on a Jazz gig.

    I'm a big fan of the 860.

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    600 is a good price, especially with that preamp pedal included. I've seen them go in the 800 range.
    Jimmy Williams
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    28953lm_20.jpgpicture from kijiji not an 860 but tres cool

    Speaking of 860 Leslies
    I have a line on one....picking up this week..... will the 7830 kit my 130 leslie????
    There is a 860, type 3 preamp and a yc25 yamaha combo organ for $700+ on kijiji just south of Montreal, a little too far for me but the yamaha looks mint
    ijiji Québec > Montréal > buy and sell > musical instruments > pianos, keyboards > Ad ID 336160338

    Yamaha YC 25 ,Leslie 860 & Accessoires ( Vintage )

    Date Listed 31-Jan-12
    Last Edited 31-Jan-12
    Price $745.00
    Address Brossard, QC, CA

    Nouveau Prix $745.00

    Je suis le seul et premier propriétaire de ces instruments .

    Yamaha YC 25 (Vintage) fonctionne très bien avec coffre ,les pieds .

    Leslie Proline 860 besoins de réparation ( C'est pour ça le prix est si bas )! Leslie Pre-Amp III et cable de connection sont inclus.

    SVP me contacter pour d'autres informations !

    Faites votre offre !!!

    Pas de Livraison !
    1956 M3, (2)51 Leslie under upgrade, 860 (130 powered)Leslie with Preamp, S08 Yamaha and two K2000S, Young Chang spinet, Korg Trinity
    and Korg KRONOS X73
    Looking for that mythical cheap or free A, BV, CV, C2, C3 or A100 but wouldn't say no to a free B3


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