Hang onto that hard earned money...I mean it was hard earned wasn't it? If so it would appear that someone in central Ohio is selling a Lowrey Stardust for a fraction of what it cost new. Now don't let the hype of 'new is better' fool you. Without much homework on this organ I could venture to say that even the highest priced repair if it should ever arise because you bought one used should never warrant the need to buy it new. Oh', but these dealers see you coming. They are sitting there saying, " Sure they'll buy new. These are the people who always buy new! These are the people who have bought everything new from the first big paycheck they got."

Well, break that cycle! For one thing there are a few vacations you could spend that extra money on. Heck, fly to somewhere exotic and take organ lessons.

here's the ad ( of course I am not connected with the seller in any way):

Lowery Stardust Organ - $8750 (Westerville, Ohio)
Date: 2011-05-13, 3:05PM EDT
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Very elaborate computerized organ purchased from Lowery through Durthalers. Do not know personally too much about the organ as it belonged to my parents, but I can take questions. I know there is a Lowery web sight as well as Durthalers could also answer any questions as they are a dealer. This organ would be perfect for a small Church or someone who plays seriously. I also have MANY books to go with the organ. Please call with any questions to Susan 614-402-2091.

Location: Westerville, Ohio