I have a Hammond M3 Completely "Diassembled" and all the Parts are in A+ Condition, and have been Cleaned and Checked-Out by a Friend who has repaired Hammond Organs for 37 Years.
The Tonewheel Generator "Cap" Ground Wires were "Cut" Randomly???I saved this M3 from Further being "BUTCHERED", had I not came along,and was "Horrified" to see this Used Furniture Store`s "Flunky`s/"Repair Guys???" Ripping apart this Beautiful Ebony Black Hammond M3 !!!
Well, I was really TOO Late...But purchased the Organ from the store owner for $100 !!! (HE Thought the Cabinet was the only thing of Value ??? !!!!)
If anyone is interested in Any of the Parts,just e-mail me and let me know what you need and I`ll get back to You ASAP.I can ship Parts Out to Canada and the USA(You Pay Shipping Costs)
I live about 120 miles East of Detroit MI., In London, Ontario,Canada.If You are Veiwing this Ad from Ontario,You can always pick-up any parts in London,if prefered.

I can be reached at: dpartridge52@hotmail.com

Good Luck & Good Music...