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Thread: Hammond identity, dating

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    Hammond identity, dating

    I have Hammond organs without any documentation. No serial number.
    At the back is a sign.
    Soundmec Mammond MIOI split by Maidstone.
    I think they are custom made - portable. Split on half.
    I itend to restore them and replace white plastic with wood.
    There are some problems whith bas pedas. (one pedal - multiple notes)
    Also I m looking for Hammond oil.
    There will be more pictures in my album.
    Thank you for any help.

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    If you're asking about the identity of the organ in your album, it looks to me like an M100 series spinet in a really bad chopped cabinet. When they butchered that organ, did they remove the ID plate from the back of it? If not, here is a link to a site where you might be able to identify it....

    Regarding the Hammond oil, I'd suggest....

    I found their service to be fantastic.

    Me & My M3

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    ID back plate

    Very intresting links.
    I was already looking fo similar organs.
    They are close to L 100-122 series.
    All I know they come from London.
    There is more photos
    - american USA Hammond lamps inside and one photo of ID back plate.
    I Hope the valnut is the right organs wood.
    Helo from Slovenia

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    I'm sure AndyG will see this thread and will be able to tell you anything and everything you want to know about a Hammond organ from the UK.

    Did that put that nasty white plastic on top of the original cabinet?

    Me & My M3

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    No, no. That plastic (ultrapas) is not on top of the original cabinet.
    It seems they are original custom built.
    There is no cover for kyboard. I will made it.
    The chair is (valnut wood) from another console organs.

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    Those are M100s

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    Here is another useful Hammond dating site, but it's based on serial numbers:

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    Thank you all.
    I found my organs - M102

    When I start to play, the neighbourhood become silent.


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