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Thread: Hammond B3 hum

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    Hammond B3 hum


    I`m a fortunate owner of a B3/21H, however there is a 100Hz hum coming when I press any key (not heard playing loud in a band, but when playing alone).
    I have replaced all tubes and all electrolytic caps in both AO-28 and 32H so I guess problem is elsewhere.
    The hum at full throttle without playing, I would think is normal.
    Tips out there? Grounding issue, I suppose, some experience out there to help me?

    Thanx in advance!


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    Has it always had a hum since you owned it or did it just start? Cable and connection is good? Sometimes when the leslie is right next to the organ (left side as your seated) they can induce hum. 100hz? well thats double the 50hz cycle you guys have over there so a ground issue could be the issue but all connections have to be checked first
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    Check all the ground connections, especially on the tone generator.

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    Thank you, hamman and dspiffy,I`ll check further, itseems the problem is upstream from my AO-28 because when grounding A and B and both G`s on the preamp, hum disappear together with the tone. The drawbars are "letting the hum and tone through" so may be its a ground issue before this.

    Thank you and have a fine day,


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