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Thread: Hammond L-103

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    Hammond L-103

    Hi, I have an opportunity to purchase a Hammond L-103 from someone. Everything seems to work fine, all keys play and it's pretty clean. How much are these worth? It's seems to be 100% original. Are these good organs? I am more of a guitar player.



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    Re: Hammond L-103

    I have an L103 that I purchased about 6 months ago. I purchased this under the premise that it was not working but had previously. I paid $112.50 and the repair was very simple. I think these are beautiful models, the 103 is cherry wood. Any Hammond with tone-wheel generator is worthy of purchase. This has a great sound, especially if you hook-up to an external sound source. As such, these organs do not command a high price but also, people interested in this type of thing find this fact attractive. The L100 series is desirable to those that like to tweak and modify also. Anyway, I believe that it is a good organ, certainly a decent representation of Hammond.


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    Re: Hammond L-103

    Have to go along with that thought. My first Hammond was an L102. They don't command the sky-high prices of the A, B, C's etc, nor of the M series spinets, but hook them up to a decent Leslie and they can scream. Yes, you can mod them for extra oomph.
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