I have a Baldwin 46H Classic Church Organ for sale $1000 or best offer. The on/off switch is broken (but it comes on when you plug it in) and the first far right key of the upper keyboard makes a distorted sound. I picked it up yesterday and all the keys (except on noted) /pedals worked. This also has a rotating speaker. It is being sold as is. I played it only once to see if there were any major problems. I would also be open to parting it out,if you need a specific part.
The Church that I got it from said ,they got it hoping to find a organist but they never did and the Church was 20 years old. Unplayed for 20 years is the impression I got.
I will be willing to work out some kind of shipping arrangement. Including partial or full delivery. $2500 would likely get it to your front door, then it would be up to you and a couple of your strongest friends to help me get it off the enclosed trailer. If you can pick it up or meet me half way that may also be exceptable. I also have pictures available on request as I don't see a way,at present ,to post one here. It also comes with a four page Manual and a Original Brochure.
email : johnmisner@bellsouth.net telephone : 321-724-0192
Thank you