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Thread: Yamaha HS Series Control Expander

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    Yamaha HS Series Control Expander

    Hi, I'm a new member seeking some advice on the following Item:
    As the title suggests its a Yamaha Control Expander for HS organs. It is a midi device with a jack connection for a foot-switch and four other connections for midi cables (midi IN 1 & 2, Midi OUT, and Midi Through)

    I believe it can be used with HS series organ for "locking" the tempo when switching from registration to registration without any variation in tempo. But I do not know if it has other uses. Most people I have talked to have never heard of this device before and as I no longer have an HS-8 I can't experiment with it. Has anyone experience of the EMR-HSCE?

    I would be grateful for any advice or information, thanks.

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    AKAIK, it has no other purpose. It was produced simply to correct Yamaha's strange decision to omit this valuable (essential for some) feature from the HS series.
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    Hi, Andyg,
    Many thanks for the reply, at least I now I have it from an expert... might as well put it back in the cupboard.


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