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Thread: Hammond Electric Organ Model T582 in good condition, what is it worth?

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    Hammond Electric Organ Model T582 in good condition, what is it worth?

    I have this really nice organ, plugged it in and it seems to play very well. There was a recipt in it showing cleaning and maintance service from a few years back. I have no idea of the value... do you need photos or additional info to help me out?


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    The T is one of the more desirable of the undesirable models (if that make sense)
    The factors that determine it's real value are location, and the availability of a person willing to give you what you think it's worth.

    I have seen these advertised from free to a few hundred dollars...not sure of actual selling prices, but I would guess that is in the same ball park.
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    It IS a tonewheel Hammond. That's a good starting point. But it's NOT a B3 or an M3 or any of the Hammonds with that classic Hammond sound.

    It DOES sound pretty good, and with some modifications it can sound a lot closer to a classic Hammond. But that will take some work and technical expertise. They are easy to work on and to maintain as long as there is no major physical damage. You are lucky, the T5xx series is the most flexible of all the Ts in terms of modifications.

    This one comes down to VALUE versus WORTH. It is not WORTH much on the market, you have to put a VALUE on it for yourself. Don't consider it an investment except for the VALUE to you for the enjoyment it may bring.
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