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Thread: Where are the home organ YouTube videos?

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    And how could we forget Mr Barry Morgan?

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    The Lawrence Welk Show: Mr. Ghost Comes To Town on youtube is good if you want to hear the classic Thomas organ tibia/ Leslie tone.

    I wrote a very extensive list, but it just got wiped out! I wish this site had auto save.

    My favorite video currently is the one of a record playing on the turntable entitled:
    Mr. Fantastic and the Wonderful World of Wurlitzer. That's a 4500 on the cover. It was suggested to me that I get a Wurlitzer Brass Horn. Anyone have any pictures of one?

    I'm going to post 'Harry Wach, Californian Here I Come' to youtube soon. Harry plays the Thomas Californian 262 with the built in Thomas Organ Company Wah Wah pedal ( it works above top volume on the volume pedal). My Californian 263 is my most prized organ. It is a masterpiece of engineering. It didn't even use a Leslie. Instead Thomas perfected the photo-cell stereo Tremulent. They even made a Quadraphonic organ. Harry's playing is genius!

    I play a Wurlitzer 625t ( a super organ really!), Thomas Californian 263, and 287 Theatre. A Wurlitzer 4500 ( identical to the one in the Mr. Fantastic video), and my latest is the Thomas Palace III model 901 ( the first in the Palace III series)- incredible tone!

    If anyone is interested I do have complete service manuals for the Thomas Palace III models 901 and 904. I'm going to scan and post soon, but I need to get a scanner first.

    Check out my youtube favorites, I have dozens of organ videos I've collected together. Just go to youtube and go to my screen name:
    paulj0557 then go to FAVORITES

    I have lots of old movies favorites too so be sure to look at the videos by the picture list...unless you like old movies too.

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    Brass Horn
    It's not what you play. It's not how you play. It's the fact that you're playing that counts.

    New website now live -

    Current organ: Roland Atelier AT900 Platinum Edition
    Retired Organs: Lots! Kawai SR6 x 2, Hammond T402, T500 x 2, X5. Conn Martinique and 652. Gulbransen 2102 Pacemaker. Kimball something-or-other.
    Retired Leslies, 147, 145, 760 x 2, 710, 415 x 2.

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    Wow! Lots of great replies here. Thank you, everyone.

    Yep, I forgot to mention Jim Harris, mainly because he's no longer on my list of YouTube organ bookmarks. He's been a favorite for some time so I downloaded all the videos (many in high-def) and they're safe and sound on my hard drive! His version of "Four Leaf Clover" got me interested in 20's and 30's music and it's what helped me pick out my first vintage songs now that I'm taking lessons.

    Also, Steve Rabb's fun old songs (with subtitle lyrics!) motivated me to resolve to start posting quality videos as soon as I have a few songs together, probably in about a month or so.

    With regard to Abacus, the poster who asked what kind of music I like ... it's pretty easy. I like songs that everybody over, say, age 40 knows and I like them played on a organ sound! I don't understand what drives folks to buy a brand new $20,000+ organ, only to play their songs with a piano or guitar or strings sound. Why not just buy a $1200 keyboard for that?

    I recently bought a Technics FA-1, same as what Jim Harris played in his videos, for a mere thousand bucks. I almost never play any sounds other than organ (except in the accompaniment, of course). That's probably what keeps me coming back to Jim Harris' videos and Steve Rabb's, as well. They're really playing organ, not "keyboards".

    I don't have any beef with keyboard music - but I personally got into organs to hear the sound of an organ ... not just to have two keyboards and a set of pedals. Hammonds, Lowreys, Technics, Conn's, pipe organs, theater organs.

    It's a fever with me these days.

    I mean, be honest, doesn't this classic scene from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea make you want to find the coolest pipe organ sound and let it rip, pedals and all?


    ps. Thanks again for the recommendations, especially the guys who put up links. I added many of them to my bookmarks.

    pps. Re Mr Duffnote ... if he's only been on it for 12 months after 25 years off, I've got him beat. At age 46, I've been on it now for about three or four months after 30+ years off! Five years of piano lessons from age 5 to 10 and I swore I would never play again. Which I won't ... I'll probably never touch a piano again. But putting all four limbs to work on an organ is a whole new challenge. Yeah, Mr Duffnote does motivate me to put up a few videos of my own.

    Back to practicing...

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    Quote Originally Posted by seamaster View Post
    And how could we forget Mr Barry Morgan?
    What on earth was that...?!! I've never seen this guy before. Hilarious!

    Sort of a cross between Borat and Walter Wanderley.

    Good heavens, I just had a horrible thought.

    What if I look like that when I'm into it.

    I mean, this video does demonstrate that, just because I'm caught up in the ecstasy of playing an organ ... doesn't mean I necessarily look cool doing it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paulj0557 View Post
    I wrote a very extensive list, but it just got wiped out! I wish this site had auto save.
    Oo. I hate it when that happens.

    Sounds, though, like you need to take a couple of deep breaths, (or a couple of beers .. it's five o'clock somewhere), and repost that list.

    I have a hunch you know of some good videos that we would like to see.


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    Just found this fellow. He has a few fun videos.

    You've got to love when he reaches around at :26 to the little drum machine behind him to trigger the fill-ins.

    His videos go from his 1973 Wurlitzer Orbit III (with a cheezy drum machine sitting awkwardly on the bench) to a new $20,000 digital Hammond B3-P (with a cheezy drum machine sitting awkwardly on the bench).

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    Organs: Yamaha D-85, Technics U90 Pro, Wersi Helios W2S, 2x Yamaha HS8's.
    Keyboards: Roland E-70, Yamaha Tyros 3.
    Retired: Technics K700.

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    Hammond X-66
    Oscar Rivas

    Paco del la Rosa

    Tony Cabral

    Adrian Rose - Hammond 2300

    Rosemary Bailey – used to play for Hammond - now on Roland Atelier

    Brian Sharp - Kawai

    Peter Haywood - Yamaha

    Have been listening to Rudy Rosa’s organ and synth. rig mounted in an open base X-66 type pedestal design.

    Have: Hammond 340212 Elegante
    Had: Hammond T-311 and 333114 Colonnade
    Never will have: Laurens Hammond 350 w/ 2 - 751 Leslies

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    Whoa! You guys are so generous with your time, posting all those links.

    I'm going to have a ball with these this afternoon.


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