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Thread: Where are the home organ YouTube videos?

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    Where are the home organ YouTube videos?

    I got the electronic organ bug pretty bad this last year. A Technics organ and a newer midi Hammond do tend to feed the obsession.

    So I'm rooting around on YouTube looking for people who post their songs ... you know, for inspiration and all ... and I'm kind of surprised at how few good efforts there are to watch.

    I found a few people who love to post their "performances" ...

    ... but that still seems like precious few people showing off their stuff.

    There are countless Hammond organ snippets ... black gospel guys, a few wanna-bees, a couple of grandmas, a few lessons (that are usually completely incomprehensible), ...

    ...but not that many home electronic organ videos.

    There are millions of home organs around the world, not to mention all the ten and twenty year old organs sitting around.

    Where are the killer home videos that would show us how cool it can be?

    And how do we get YOU, dear reader, to post a few videos?


    ps. I just started taking lessons. I'll probably have a YouTube page up within a couple of months ... once I can actually play a song.
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    They are out there! I was just watching some Kawai stuff. Do a Youtube search for things like 'kawai organ', 'lowrey organ', conn organ' etc.
    It's not what you play. It's not how you play. It's the fact that you're playing that counts.

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    For one, Stefanussen has quite a few very nice ones. (I'm not sure they are YouTube, but they are out there.)


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    Check out this guy... Lots of Beatle songs.


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    Check out this guy. The best new organist since the late Mark Shakespeare, IMO.

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    Hi John,
    I enjoy the late great Jim Harris on Technics F-5 and FA-1. Brilliant player and a huge void was left with his passing. Check out his Lenny Dee arrangements. Also only one posting but Robert Fisher's arrangement of The Lonely Shepherd on Lowrey Imperial is really haunting. As has been said just think of an organ make and model and 'Youtube' it and see what comes up, you can always move on if it's not your cup of tea.That's what I do, and some amateur players are as good as many pros.

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    I was about to say Florian and Jim Harris too, but I see I'm too late. Seconded though. I had a few mail exchanges with Jim just before he died, and he came across as the nicest guy in the world, and was very helpful to me. He really made the Technics do its stuff, as best as I can tell.

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    Thumbs up

    You donít say what type of music and organs you enjoy, however Peter Dunlap is always worth a listen.
    He is based in Ft Worth, Florida.


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    I almost forgot Jim Harris's tutorials too were really helpful. I tried his Contrapuntal chord technique and it does give an imposing and impressive intro or ending. So not all tutorial videos are unhelpful again it's just a matter of checking them out, but Jim's I can highly recommend watching and using.

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    MrDuffnote has got a few up. He's only been learning for 12 months apparently after a 20 - 25 year break so don't expect a miracle of playing proficiency as you won't hear it, more a miracle of playing deficiency! Most of the time he's sending up the whole genre of organ playing to make up for his lack of talent but some people seem to like his playing. One gets the impression that he's doing it to encourage people like the poster to play better 'cos if he can do it why can't you...... Just Utube elka or his name and take it from there. You have been warned!

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