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Thread: Lowery H25-3

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    Lowery H25-3

    Have a Lowrey Symphonic Theatre Console Organ, Model H25-3. When acquired (used), everything was workable (except the tape player). Shortly thereafter, all keys, pedals, and tabs quit working with the exception of the String Symphonizer Voices (upper & lower). With those kicked in, the organ can be used (albeit marginally). Also, when the organ is turned on, there is a loud, but momentary, popping and crackling. (But hey, the lights still work!)

    Any ideas out there on what the problem may be? Also, what would be the value of this instrument in working condition (or as-is, for that matter)? Once fixed, might be interested in selling.

    Many thanks for your time and info.

    Rev. Fred
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    Re: Lowery H25-3

    I'm sorry but when did a Lowry become a Theatre organ?

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    Re: Lowery H25-3

    Probably with the birth of the h25-3, I did the Guiene Fuge on it. It is as good as it would be on a 34 rank Wurlitzer.

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    Re: Lowery H25-3

    Organ Grinder/John, et al - OK sarcasm begets sarcasm. When did the Guiene Fuge (sic) or most any Fugue for that matter become theatre organ music?? Altho Lowery has been very creative over the years as far as gadgets and special effects as a serious organ it has been sadly lacking since day one. If it is as good as a 34 rank Wurlitzer you must have been playing a awfully sorry Wurli. Don

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    Re: Lowery H25-3



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