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Thread: Baldwin C630T - FREE!!!!

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    Baldwin C630T - FREE!!!!

    Baldwin C630T, classical, 2 full manuals, 32 full size concave radiating pedals (not sure if AGO, but close).

    Almost all stops couple down from swell to great regardless of coupler setting and the 2 2/3 stops don't work. Still a decent practice organ. Getting 3 (!?) new vintage organs (thanks, dec) so I will no longer have space for this one in the house.

    You can save it from the barn mice!


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    Re: Baldwin C630T - FREE!!!!


    I'm in Montezuma, KS.

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    Re: Baldwin C630T - FREE!!!!

    I'm having a 1/2 off special for anyone responding within a week. The mice might offer you a better deal, but believe me they can't be trusted.

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    Re: Baldwin C630T - FREE!!!!

    Where are you located?

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    Re: Baldwin C630T - FREE!!!!

    Montezuma, KS. That's Southwest Kansas. Nowhere Kansas. Nothing but fields for miles Kansas. Absolutely no pizza delivery Kansas. Barn mouse Kansas.

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    Re: Baldwin C630T - FREE!!!!

    I've handed the organ over to the mice, who are likely defiling it as I speak. Oh well!

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    Re: Baldwin C630T - FREE!!!!

    I'm interested in saving this organ if it is not in the morgue
    please e-mail me some pics if you can
    I am at

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    Re: Baldwin C630T - FREE!!!!

    My name is Lucky Middaugh from Sturgis MI. I'm am interested in your organ. Give some information and I will more that happley take that organ and save it from your barn mice.
    Lucky Middaugh


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