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Thread: Free Organ Schematic Diagrams

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    Free Organ Schematic Diagrams

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    Needing manuals for THOMAS 900 series, both tech and user

    Thanks KEN IVERSEN

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    g'day from OZ .....any of the Yamaha FX20 organ ??????

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    Look, as a guitar play sites like the one you suggest is great! Lots of effects etc., but for organs? No way! I finally got fed up. Go here and volunteer your organ schematics in blue, and ask for ones you need in red. These will always be open for scrutiny and correction, but keep comments out- instead PM ( personal message) the person. You'll see and love this thread. Tell others about it please. Lets do this!

    (actually, the 'Official Organ Schematic Thread', but trying to not get it booted due to a technicality)
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    FYI I reported the OP gozilla some time ago because the posts were suspect.
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